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Review of 2015 DRAFT Progam

Dear Program Committee Members:

In mid-January, we will release a final “for reliance” program.  At this point, I really need your help on two things.  First, if you are aware of any problems with the program (e.g., programs that are scheduled for the same time that should NOT conflict with each), please let me know ASAP.  Second, and very important, for any programs or discussion groups that do not have moderators listed, you are free to choose your own moderator.  However, if you fail to do so by the time I release the January program, we will ask the Moderator Committee to appoint one.  So, if you don’t have a moderator listed, and you wish to choose your own, please do so in the very near future.

I hope that everyone enjoys the holiday season and that you complete your grading in a timely manner (fortunately, my grades are “in”).

All the best,


Russell L. Weaver

Professor of Law & Distinguished University Scholar

University of Louisville Louis D. Brandeis School of Law

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