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Session Summary – Remedies Law Workshop: Unjust Enrichment Law, Immortal Cell Line, and the Henrietta Lacks Case

Submitted by Caprice Roberts

Every day, mega profits flow as fruits from immortal “HeLa” cells unconscionably harvested from Henrietta Lacks. This panel explored ongoing litigation to overcome barriers to relief and rectify unjust enrichment. Professor Chris Ogolla, Barry Law, facilitated the discussion. Panelists addressed novel scholarly arguments and litigation strategy. Speakers included Professors Deleso A. Alford, Southern Law; Christopher Ayers, Seeger Weiss LLP; Ben Crump, Ben Crump Law, PLLC; Suzette Malveaux, Colorado Law; and Caprice Roberts, LSU Law. We are grateful that living members of the Lacks family who honored us with their presence. Thank you to everyone who attended.