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Session Summary: Discussion Group for Aspiring Law Professors – Mapping Academic Opportunities

Submitted by Gary Simson

This 3-hour discussion, masterfully organized and moderated by Joan Heminway, was the first in a series of sessions that will make up this conference’s Aspiring Law Professors Workshop.  The discussion participants included 7 current faculty from across the country, some of whom are or were deans or associate deans, and 15 aspiring law professors, most of whom are currently VAPs or in practice.  The format, which produced lively discussion throughout, consisted of a series of questions – some posed by the moderator and others by the aspiring law professors – with each question followed by comments by several of the faculty.  The question ranged widely over the various topics mentioned in the program description, and there seemed little doubt from the 15 aspiring law professors’ comments at the end of the session that they felt they gained a great deal from the discussion.

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