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Session Summary – Crafting Your Scholarship Goals (Aspiring Law Teachers Workshop)

Submitted by Brian Owsley

As the title suggests, his group focused on developing scholarship in the criminal law arena. Many participants had a number of interesting projects including the following:

Mike Vitiello: His article seeks to address the failure progressive reforms in criminal justice in three areas: prison reform, sentencing reform related to drug cases, and attempts to expand sexual assault crimes.  Eang Ngov: Her article proposes to assess the third-party doctrine by looking at differences regarding whether the information is shared between friends or businesses.  In a second article, she proposes a topic concerning when police can lie to suspects and what the constitutional standard should be.  Jordan Wallace-Wolf: He proposes an article on geofence warrants addressing the constitutionality of placed based searches addressing some recent decisions on this new electronic surveillance technique.  Lauryn Gouldin: She proposes analyzing when reasonable suspicion becomes an issue across Fourth Amendment jurisprudence beyond a Terry stop.  Brian Gallini: He proposes an article concerning serial killer John Wayne Gacy and how the search warrants for his home violated the Fourth Amendment.  Corinna Lain: She seeks to address whether death row morally disengages executioners before and from the executions.  Melanie Reid:  She intends to develop an article explaining to police how law professors see policing while also incorporating negative comments about policing by actual officers.  Melanie Wilson:  She seeks to analyze whether a juror can be allowed to raise the idea that they or another juror are being struck based on protected class.    Brian Owsley: He is analyzing whether keyword search warrants violate the Fourth Amendment.