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SEALS Special Election: Treasurer

Election of Treasurer: Nominations Open. The Board of Trustees is conducting a special election to fill a vacancy in the Treasurer’s position. The Treasurer is a voting member of the board and has overall responsibility for the organization’s financial condition and its funds. These responsibilities include making timely reports to the board, making deposits and disbursements, overseeing budget preparation, and retaining an accounting firm to assist in the Treasurer’s duties as needed. The term expires at the end of the 2022 annual meeting.

Eligibility. Faculty at Institutional Member schools are eligible to run. However, because these schools are already represented on the board, faculty at American, Louisville, Mississippi, Missouri-Kansas City, Nova Southeastern, Saint Louis, Stetson, and Washington and Lee are not eligible to run.

Nominations Procedure. Nominations will close on April 20. Submit nominations to Gail Richmond at Faculty members can nominate themselves or another person. If you nominate another person, please cc him/her so that Gail knows you have ascertained the nominee’s willingness to serve. (If you do not receive an acknowledgement of your email making a nomination, please re-send to Gail.)

Nominee Statements. Nominees should submit a brief listing of their involvement with SEALS, which school representatives can use in deciding how to vote. Representatives will receive a list of nominees and nominee statements before being asked to return their ballots. (Nominee information will be sent to the deans of Institutional Member schools that have not designated a representative before voting begins.)

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