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SEALS New Scholar Panel Policy Change

SEALS New Scholar Participants Can Now Appear on Another Substantive or Works-In-Progress Panel

The SEALS new scholar program is among the very best things we do at SEALS every year. The New Scholars Program allows newer and pre-tenure law professors to present their work/scholarship in a welcoming and supportive environment. We assign a mentor with expertise in the field to each new scholar and try to group the papers by subject matter. We think it works great.

Recently, however, we have had some new scholars bump up against the “one person, one panel” rule, placing them in an awkward position. Do they choose the new scholar experience or move on to a different panel? Rather than let this problem continue we’ve waived the conflict! New Scholars can now do the new scholar workshop and one additional panel/workshop, and of course are free to do as many discussion groups as they like. We hope you’ll join us at the new scholar panels next summer, attendees always learn a lot and the new scholars appreciate the support.

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