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SEALS Committee Nominations

The Southeastern Association of Law Schools has a very active committee structure that is critical to the organization’s success. All appointments are for one year. If you have faculty who would be a good fit for one or more of the committees, please let me know. Self-nominations are permitted.

The committees are listed below. Please bear in mind that we receive LOTS of nominations for certain committees (far more than we can actually appoint), particularly the New Scholars and Mentor committees.

New Scholars Committee (which coordinates participation in the New Scholars Workshop)
Beginning and Newer Law Teachers Committee (which coordinates panels targeted to newer law teachers)
Prospective Law Teachers Committee (which coordinates workshops to assist individuals applying for entry-level faculty positions)
Mentors Committee (which appoints mentors for New Scholars)
Moderators Committee (which finds moderators for SEALS panels)
Hospitality Committee (which scouts out restaurants and other attractions near SEALS hotels)
International Committee (which seeks to stimulate international connections on behalf of SEALS schools, and attract foreign scholars to the SEALS meeting)
Caribbean/Latin America Committee (which does the same thing as the International Committee, but with a particular focus on Caribbean and Latin American countries)
Call for Papers (selection committee which determines the winners in the Call for papers competition)
Hospitality Committee; Program Advisory Committee (which advises me about how to proceed when difficult or sensitive issues arise with regard to the SEALS program)
Sponsorship Committee (which helps find sponsors for our annual meeting)
Website Committee (which coordinates and makes recommendations regarding SEALS’ website)
Technology Committee (which helps advise SEALS about how to respond to technological advances)
Distance Learning Committee (which coordinates distance learning between SEALS law schools and coordinates the SEALS Distance Learning Expo)
Program Formatting Committee (which edits and formats the program)
Hispanic Outreach (which reaches out to Hispanics, and tries to stimulate Hispanic participations in SEALS)
Inclusiveness Committee (which addresses various diversity and inclusiveness issues for SEALS)

Thanks so much for any nominations you forward. Also, if anyone has any suggestions for additional committees, please let me know.


Russell L. Weaver
Professor of Law & Distinguished University Scholar
University of Louisville
Louis D. Brandeis School of Law

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