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SEALS Board of Trustees Nominations Deadline Approaching

2018 Election of President Elect, Secretary, and One At-Large Trustee. Nominations close on July 6. Each of these individuals is a voting member of the SEALS board. Each will serve on the board from 2018 through the end of the 2021 annual meeting.

Eligibility. Faculty at Institutional Member schools are eligible to run. However, because these schools will already be represented on the board, faculty at American, Duke, Louisville, Mississippi, Stetson, and Washington and Lee are not eligible to run.

Election Date. Elections will occur at the Steering Committee meeting on Thursday, August 9. Voting representatives will receive information about the candidates at least 10 days before the annual meeting.

Nominations Procedure. Nominations will close on July 6. Submit nominations to Gail Richmond at Faculty members can nominate themselves or another person. If you nominate another person, please cc him/her so that Gail knows you have ascertained the nominee’s willingness to serve. (If you do not receive an acknowledgement of your email making a nomination, please re-send to Gail.)

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