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SEALS 2017 – Call for Submissions

SEALS has begun the process of putting together its 2017 annual meeting program. We try to conclude this process by October 31st, to issue a draft program in December, and a final program in mid-January.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for a panel or a discussion group for next year’s meeting, please feel free to do so. A hallmark of SEALS is that we try to be as open, democratic, and non-hierarchical as possible. In other words, one need not be a “section chair” to submit a panel or discussion group proposal. In fact, we don’t have “section chairs” at all. Anyone can decide to put together a panel or discussion group and submit it through the SEALS website submission portal.

We have made one change to our normal method of functioning this year: Caprice Roberts (Savannah) has been named vice-chair for programming and has been charged with developing “resource teams” in areas where we have historically offered insufficient levels of programming. For those who know Caprice, you know that she is a whirlwind of energy, and I know that she has been working very hard on establishing these “teams.” If you or a colleague would like to see more programming in your areas of interest or expertise, but don’t want to undertake what (for some) might be regarded as the daunting task of putting together an entire panel or discussion group, contact Caprice. She would be delighted to help you and she can even help you form your own “resource team.” I have copied Caprice on this email, but here is our address:

It is important to remember that these resource teams are not designed as “filters” in their subject areas. In other words, you need not submit a proposal through a resource team even when one exists. However, we hope that these teams will be of great assistance to those who are interested in submitting programming.

Thank you for your hard work regarding SEALS. See you next year at Boca Raton.

Russell L. Weaver
Professor of Law & Distinguished University Scholar
University of Louisville
Louis D. Brandeis School of Law

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