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Questions about Faculty Recruitment Initiative

Dear Deans & Program Committee Members:

I have received a number of questions about how this initiative will work and thought that I might share some of the questions and answers with you.

First, when will applicant materials be available?  We don’t have a precise date at this moment, but we expect to make them available in June.  To be safe, assume late June.

Second, when will the interviews take place?  SEALS does not intend to dictate when the interviews will take place.  That is between the interviewing schools and the applicants.

Third, do I have advice about when to schedule interviews?  Yes.  SEALS will be hosting the Prospective Law Teachers Workshop and the Aspiring Law Teachers Workshop on the Monday and Tuesday of the SEALS meeting (July 29th and 30th).  Those workshops consume most of the day, each day, so you probably should try not to plan your interviews on those days.  That said, applicants on a tight budget might prefer to combine the interviews with the workshops.  My original thinking was that applicants would be consumed with the workshops on Monday and Tuesday, and would probably want Wednesday to “rest.”  So, I was going to recommend that interviews start on Thursday and continue up until Friday or Saturday.  However, in order to save money, some applicants indicated that they would prefer to interview on Wednesday rather than to wait.

Fourth, how do law schools obtain suitable rooms for interviewing?  The most economical approach is to reserve bungalow suites.  They come with a full kitchen and living room.  Also, suites are available in the Cloisters, the Tower and in the Beach Club, but all are quite a bit more expensive than the Bungalows.  Each school should decide for itself based on its own budget.

If you have further questions, please let me know.

Russell L. Weaver
Professor of Law & Distinguished University Scholar
University of Louisville
Louis D. Brandeis School of Law


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