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Call for Submissions to the Works-in-Progress Series

The SEALS Works-in-Progress Series Committee is seeking submissions for its 2016 workshops. The Works-in-Progress Series (3 hour sessions) is designed for all intermediate and senior scholars who are further along in their scholarship and development than “new” scholars. The primary focus of this program is to bring scholars in specialized fields of study together to present and discuss full drafts, works in progress, and developing ideas. The program differs from the SEALS discussion group format in that it will likely bring together smaller groups of scholars than the traditional discussion group and participants are encouraged to submit on any topic they would like. The subject matter of the individual workshops will be determined based on the submissions received by the committee. Participants will benefit both from networking and from discussing their scholarship with individuals at various levels within their own and related fields.

Participants will be asked to provide something in writing shortly before the conference: usually a short (10 page) summary of an article. Participants will not make formal paper presentations, but can give a short summary of their ideas, and then engage in an intensive discussion session with the other participants. All participants are expected to read and offer feedback on each submission in their session; in addition, for participants who seek them, the Works-in-Progress Series Committee may assign “commentators” to individual participants.

Those interested in participating should submit an abstract (no more than 500 words) of their work-in-progress to by December 1, 2015. In the body of the email, please include your institution, your level of experience in the academy (0-5 years, 6-10 years, or 10+ years), the subject matter of the submission and the level of progress you expect to achieve on the project by the 2016 SEALS Annual Meeting. The Works-in-Progress Series does not fall within the “one person, one panel” rule at SEALS, so all who are interested are encouraged to submit an abstract by December 1st.

Once selected, participants will be notified of the other members of their workshop. Participants will be required to submit the 10-page summary of their article to the other members of their workshop by June 15, 2016.

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