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Sponsorship Coordinator


The Sponsorship Coordinator works with Executive Director and the Board to maintain and secure funding sources for SEALS Annual Meeting . The goal of the coordinator is to match the interests of the vendor with the needs of the organization. To that end, the coordinator assists in identifying ways for the vendor to sponsor events, including luncheons, workshop, receptions, breaks, golf tournaments, tennis tournaments, and others. Additionally, the coordinator considers whether the sponsor and organization might benefit from exhibit tables, luncheons, or other opportunities showcasing the vendor products.


  • Scott Bauries (Kentucky)


Interested vendor representatives may contact Scott Bauries at


2020 Annual Report

In 2019-2020, SEALS continued to receive support from its sponsors, including West, Wolters-Kluwer, CAP, iLaw, iDesign, BARBRI, ABA, Fast Case, and MF Digital Marketing. Although there was no in-person meeting for SEALS2020, our sponsors remained dedicated to SEALS and committed to support SEALS2021. Scott Bauries agreed to lead our Sponsorship Committee. Upcoming goals for 2020-2021 include seeking to develop additional sponsorship relationships.

2017 Annual Report

SEALS continued to receive support and scholarship from its sponsors including Carolina Academic Press, Edward Elgar, Federalist Society, iLaw, Thomson Reuters, West, and Wolters-Kluwer.

Contacts were made to three other vendors.  I often make efforts to connect new vendors to Russ right away because no one can “sell” SEALS quite like Russ.  Some of the vendors are much smaller than our regulars are and do not have “marketing”/conference personnel to support a booth for the full conference.  I have also offered “newbies” to send marketing material so we can share with attendees.  The “technology” type vendors are usually interested in hosting a breakfast/lunch type event so they can share their product, provide a meal, and leave but numbers are often difficult to determine.

I suggest we continue to contact vendors participating in CALI, AALL, and AALS.  From my personal experience with two other organizations in the past year, sponsorships are becoming much more difficult.  We have routinely depended on support from two vendors, which have really cut back.

This “committee” is more than “lean.”  It would be great to expand the members.  New or fresh blood could have different contacts and ideas going forward.

2016 Annual Report

Regular sponsorships seem to occur without much on-going work or prodding. Although some potential sponsors indicate they will sponsor, but do not ultimately finalize an agreement, we continue to add new sponsors each year.

There have been many mergers and partnerships that have lessened the numbers of opportunities. Many companies are seeing their “sponsorship” and marketing dollars dwindle.

SEALS members tend to stop at book related tables and attended BAR/BRI and CaseBook Plus presentations in healthy numbers, so some vendors appear to want “access” to attendees in a manner other than “stopping” by the table. I almost always get requests for “attendees” to demonstrate the “need” and numbers to their respective bosses.

Vendor location can be a problem when the venue does not have sufficient space in the registration area. Split exhibit areas complicate networking opportunities.

We may make sponsorship opportunities more formal; I have given Board members information about how AALS recognizes sponsors.  The formal public thank-yous are particularly well received.