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Nominating Committee

Mission Statement

The purpose of this committee is to advertise openings for SEALS’ at-large Board positions, as well as the position of President-Elect, and to solicit nominations. The committee will also advertise openings for the positions of Secretary, Treasurer and Executive Director, and shall actively solicit nominations when there are vacancies in any of these positions. The primary purpose of the committee is to ensure that the membership is aware that SEALS has an open and democratic process for electing Board members, as well as all officers (President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Executive Director)and that any eligible person is free to nominate him/herself, or to nominate any other eligible person. While the nominating committee may forward nominations to SEALS’ Secretary, it should make clear to all concerned that neither SEALS’ Board of Trustees nor the Nominating Committee endorses any particular nominee, and that the selection of Board members and officers is determined by a vote of SEALS’ Steering Committee. The nominating committee will also advertise and seek out nominees for SEALS’ committees. The Committee shall make the Executive Director aware of potential nominees.

Committee Members

  • Ron Rychlak (Mississippi) (Chair)
  • David Brennan (Kentucky)
  • Margaret Hu (Penn State)
  • Rocky Rhodes (South Texas)