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Marketing Committee

Committee Members

  • Jennifer Bard (Florida) (Chair)
  • Meghan Boone (Alabama)
  • Darren Bush (Houston)
  • Llezlie Coleman (American)
  • Atiba Ellis (Marquette)
  • Ian Holloway (Calgary)
  • Aila Hoss (Indiana-Indianapolis)
  • Layne Keele (Faulkner)

Annual Reports

2023 Annual Report

The marketing committee did not meet this year; we stand by to support all SEALS initiatives.

2021 Annual Report

The marketing committee has been collecting statements from previous SEALS attendees regarding the benefit they experienced. These statements will, with the permission of those making them, be posted on the SEALS website and used in other marketing materials.

2020 Annual Report

The charge of the SEALS Marking Committee this year was to support enrollment in this coming year’s annual meeting by sharing information with prospective attendees including deans about the many professional and personal benefits of SEALS both in general and in relation to specific existing programs, such as the new faculty hiring mechanism, and populations such as VAPS, New Faculty, Professional Staff (e.g., admissions, career services, student services, development), and other identifiable groups.

We did that by

  1. Developing a bank of testimonials from faculty who had participated in the VAP or new faculty programming;
  2. Drafting a marketing letter to Deans highlighting the role of SEALS as a source of high quality, low cost faculty development programming. Distributing a letter targeted to a more general audience through the different groups with whom members have connections;
  3. Coordinating with the new faculty hiring committee to discuss ways the marketing committee could expand awareness of the program

2018 Annual Report

The SEALS Marketing Committee was newly created this fall to develop a strategy to enhance SEALS outreach to the legal academy—and particularly to nonmember schools. Over the course of its first year to date, the committee drafted its mission statement and instituted a first draft of revisions to the “About” tab for the SEALS website. Moreover, the committee has been holding initial discussion about a broader marketing strategy for SEALS. The discussions so far have included how the website’s content ought to be reorganized around themes relevant to the academic and professional benefits of SEALS, how larger messages about the intellectual engagement around SEALS ought to be messaged to reach beyond audiences already connected to SEALS, and how the website, social media, traditional publication, and word-of-mouth strategies ought to be used in concert to message the broader benefits of the organization and its annual conference. The committee will continue to work on a proposed overall marketing strategy and a plan for its implementation in the coming months.