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Aspiring Law Professors Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the Aspiring Law Teachers Workshop Committee is to broaden access to the legal academy. The workshop includes candid conversations about hiring norms and barriers to teaching law. It also encourages those from all backgrounds to enhance their application materials and overcome barriers. Its programming covers everything from crafting an ideal research agenda to navigating self-promotion. All Aspiring programming is open to anyone attending SEALS.

Committee Members

  • Jack Harrison (N. Kentucky) (co-chair)
  • Nicholas Kahn-Fogel (U. Arkansas at Little Rock) (co-chair)
  • Meghan Boone (Wake Forest)
  • Emilio Longoria (South Texas)
  • Latisha Nixon (Mercer)
  • Brian Owsley (N. Texas)
  • Anne Scardulla (N. Carolina)
  • Karen Sneddon (Mercer)
  • Nancy Sonpaa (Texas Tech)
  • Daiquiri Steele (Alabama)
  • Lisa Tucker (Drexel)



The Vice Chair of Programming and Deputy Executive Director created the Aspiring Law Teachers Workshop programming since its inception a few years ago. This programming complements the Prospective Law Teachers Workshop, but unlike Prospective Law Teachers, Aspiring is open to all. The Aspiring Workshop content has grown to almost ten sessions offered across the SEALS program. These sessions range from mapping academic opportunities to interview demonstrations and from crafting your scholarly agenda to stewarding your social media reputation. This year, I created a mission for the Committee, crafted the content of the sessions, and secured all speakers. The interest and success of this content has led to a need to create a committee, which I am working to complete this year. I am mentoring potential committee members for a smooth transition. I am grateful to all the faculty who have volunteered time, mentorship, and insights to all attendees. This Committee will aid in ensuring that we broaden access to the legal academy, demystify the hiring process, and show the diversity of experiences. SEALS is also thrilled beyond measure to hear positive reviews from attendees of the Aspiring Workshop—many secured their dream jobs in the academy and credited the workshop sessions and relationships developed as invaluable.