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Faculty Recruitment Committee

 Committee Members

  • Keith Faulkner (Liberty) (Co-Chair)
  • Rob McFarland (Faulkner) (Co-Chair)
  • Jeff Thomas (UMKC Law)
  • Jennifer Bard (Florida) (Marketing Liaison)
  • Stacy Scaldo (Florida Coastal Law School)
  • Cynthia Elaine Tompkins (Liberty)
  • Gina Warren (University of Houston Law Center)

2021 Annual Report

The SEALS faculty recruitment committee undertook an effort to integrate a digital hiring conference platform on the SEALS website. This hiring conference platform will allow SEALS member and affiliate schools to recruit faculty and administrative positions at no charge to the law school. Working with a vendor hired by SEALS, the faculty recruitment committee will relaunch the new hiring conference platform on August 1, 2021. Law schools will be able to create profiles and post open position announcements beginning August 1. Candidates are invited to create candidate profiles, search open positions, and submit applications beginning September 15, 2021. The virtual hiring conference will remain open throughout the 2021-22 academic year.